New Jersey American Water Statement Re: Chromium 6:

Published 09/26/2016

Below is an email received from New Jersey American Water with request to post on our website:

Mayors, Managers, Administrators and Clerks,


Over the last few days you may have read news stories regarding Chromium 6 in New Jersey’s drinking water.  Attached you will find a FAQ developed by American Water and an information sheet from the American Water Works Association regarding Chromium 6.  I am also including in this email the statement that we have been providing to news outlets.  It is important to note that all New Jersey American Water facilities have tested below two parts per billion for Chromium 6.


Please feel free to post this information on your municipal website.




“At American Water, we take water quality and safety very seriously. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) and state drinking water programs set water quality standards designed to protect public health and American Water treats your water to meet or surpass these standards, including those set for chromium. 


The USEPA does not have specific drinking water regulations for chromium-6, only total chromium, which includes consideration of the health effects due to chromium-6. American Water routinely tests its water supply for total chromium and all results have been in compliance with the USEPA standards.  We are also voluntarily sample for chromium-6 in accordance with USEPA guidance. 


American Water is supporting national research through the Water Research Foundation to better monitor and treat for chromium-6.  The USEPA is also conducting a rigorous and comprehensive review of health effects of chromium-6.  Our water quality experts are closely following this research and if necessary, will be ready to implement changes in our testing and treatment.


Water quality results on chrome-6 and other parameters can be found on American Water’s website .  Enter your zip code or city/state to get information on your specific water quality.  There you will find the annual Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) and a basic water quality summary with links to additional information on chrome-6.”

Kevin Watsey
Government Affairs Manager
New Jersey American Water
1025 Laurel Oak Rd
Voorhees, NJ 08043
Phone: 856-782-2373

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